Transport Planning

Smart Transport specialize in the delivery of robust, detailed and analytical transport planning solutions to clients in both the public and private sector.

Whether it’s for a potential development site or new transport strategy, our project delivery team can take a project from inception all the way through to delivery. Our extensive experience covers the wide spectrum of Transport Planning, from developing, informing or challenging policy, to behavioral analysis behind sustainable travel solutions. Smart Transport hub offer the following Transport Planning Services:

  • Development Planning
  • Expert Witness
  • Transport Assessments
  • Transport Strategy and Policy
  • Traffic Studies
  • Traffic Modelling
  • Travel Plans
  • Workplace Parking Levy
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    Smart Transport provides expert highways and transport advice throughout all stages of the development planning process. From initial feasibility studies, to successfully securing planning permissions, Smart Transport can also assist with the discharge of planning conditions and reserved matters applications.

    Smart Transport can assist with a range of planning deliverables, including construction logistics plans and delivery and servicing plans.

    Smart Transport has the ability to support clients with public enquiries, public examinations, and planning appeals. We have an excellent track record and are up-front on the likelihood of success prior to committing to commissions in order to manage expectations.

    Smart Transport can produce transport assessments for a wide range of development opportunities. We undertake a thorough site investigation and highlight all relevant transport issues that relate to the site. Our assessments include:

    • Scoping reports
    • Required measures to deal with impact of transport
    • Accessibility of the development
    • Improvements that can increase use of sustainable transport
    • Parking provision
    • Use of travel plans
    • Economic impact assessments
    • Traffic modelling
    • Walking / Cycling analysis
    • Mitigation measures
    • Analysis of residential trips
    • Managing the existing road network
    • Safety of all modes of transport and vulnerable road users

    Smart Transport advise Local Authorities when developing their various transport strategies and policies including local transport plans and implementation plans. We can draft and consult on sustainable plans for clients, developing annual capital and revenue programs of work, alongside bidding for funding from central government.

    We can undertake a wide range of transport studies to provide an evidence base for transport policy and strategic review, strategic transport decisions and investment appraisals.

    Smart Transport can prepare traffic studies for clients to determine potential impacts from outcomes such as new development sites, major infrastructure, and increased traffic flows.

    Our transport planners work in collaboration and have excellent relationships, ensuring all considerations are captured and discussed with appropriate outcomes.

    Smart Transport work for both public sector and private developers to produce accurate traffic flow forecasts on the road network, as a result of new developments or modifications to the existing infrastructure.

    Smart Transport can undertake a wide array of modelling, including localised junction modelling and wider network assessments.

    Smart Transport provide a wide range of travel planning services to our clients, assisting them with the preparation, implementation and monitoring of their own travel plans.

    Smart Transport will coordinate and manage travel plans in support of planning applications and to discharge planning conditions, in line with local and national guidance.

    A workplace parking levy is a charge made by a local authority on employers who provide workplace parking for their employees.

    The revenue collected must be used to fund transport improvements in the local area providing economic and social benefits for existing employees and residents whilst facilitating more growth. Smart Transport can design a study that suits the particular needs of the client, including the following:

    • Funding gap analysis
    • Desktop study
    • Business engagement
    • Parking surveys
    • Income modelling
    • Impact assessment
    • Business case presentation