Traffic Orders

Legally watertight Traffic Regulation Orders (or TMOs inside of London) enable a highway authority to limit or prohibit the movement of traffic on the highway. They apply to the regulation of speed, weight, movement and parking of vehicles as well as regulating pedestrian movement Smart Transport Hub delivers Traffic Regulation Orders on behalf of clients ensuring a fully professional and legally watertight service whether drafting notices, orders or providing professional advice. We offer support writing temporary and permanent TRO/TMO, expert advice on Order making / regulations and map-based Orders for all GIS systems.

As a company we take pride in providing a high-quality personal service producing legally robust traffic orders with some of the UK's most experienced order makers. We introduce accurate orders that reduce the cost of appeals and ensure parking operations can be carried out efficiently. Use our experienced team to review and check orders; advise on changes to ensure compliance and provide expert advice relating to legislation.

The table below provides a general overview for some of the TRO/TMO services we can help you with:
Type of Project

Standard Temporary Order

Large Temporary Order e.g. 5+ road closures, 3+ suspensions

Small Permanent Orders Project e.g. 1 or 2 sites, 1 or 2 Orders

Medium Permanent Orders Project e.g. 2-5 sites, 2 to 3 Orders

Large Permanent Orders Project e.g. 5+ sites, 4-5 orders, Article-writing

CPZ (New or Review)

Special Event Order

Large Special Event Order

S14 (2) Emergency Notice

S90/ S23 Notice


+ advertising costs (2 notices)

+ advertising costs (2 notices)

+ advertising costs 4 notices)

+ advertising costs 4 notices)

+ advertising costs 4 notices)

+ advertising costs 4 notices)

+ advertising costs (1 notices)

+ advertising costs (2 notices)


+ advertising costs (1 notice)

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