Transport & Parking Surveys

Smart Transport offer a wide range of quality professional services. We strive to use the latest technology to ensure the most accurate data in all of our services. If you require a service not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help.

Smart Transport hub offer the following Traffic and Parking Surveys:

  • Video Surveys
  • Parking Surveys
  • Automatic Traffic Counts
  • Manual Classified Counts
  • ANPR Surveys
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    Using our sophisticated mini HD CCTV cameras, we undertake and provide in-depth data and analysis. Our camera units are fully self contained and able to be deployed on existing street furniture to help prevent trip hazards. They can be used in compact locations to carry out several different surveys including:

    • Video Based classified counts
    • Junction counts (classified)
    • Saturation flow surveys
    • Behavioural surveys
    • Observation surveys
    • Cycle surveys
    • Car park monitoring
    • Bus Lane surveys
    • Bus passenger surveys
    • Pedestrian counts/ surveys
    • Passenger movement counts
    • Queue length studies
    • Moving Traffic Contravention surveys
    • They can also be used to film vehicle journey time surveys
    • Roundabout surveys using our dual camera system
    • Signal timings

    It is the primary objective of Smart Transport to ensure all clients receive a service which provides accurate video footage and data analysis of the highest standards in relation to any video surveys mentioned above.

    Smart Transport can provide the following parking surveys:

    • Parking Occupancy Survey
    • Parking Duration Survey
    • Parking Stress Surveys
    • Parking Compliance survey
    • Sign and Line Surveys – Ensuring all signs and lines meet TSRGD requirements.

    Smart Transport has an extensive stock of automatic traffic counters to enable us to cater for the most demanding requests from clients. We have dedicated technicians who are fully trained in the installation of traffic counters in accordance with the relevant Health & Safety and traffic management procedures.

    Smart Transport installs equipment manufactured by MetroCount which allows us to provide clients with the widest possible choice of data that can be collected e.g. volumetric data, classified data, headway, gap, speed, binned data and vehicle by vehicle data.

    Automatic traffic count projects undertaken on a routine basis can range from a single automatic traffic counter to projects involving numerous traffic counter installations. All traffic counters are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that the potential for gaps in data due to equipment failure is minimised and that an accurate and complete data set is obtained whenever possible.

    Sample Output

    The advantage of video surveys is that the client has a recorded copy of the data. Data therefore can be checked and verified. If the client requires additional information after the survey is completed, that information is readily available without additional cost. Video surveys are very accurate and can monitor any length of survey period with minimal staff.

    Smart Transport uses one the most advanced traffic survey systems, with high-quality ANPR infrared cameras, meaning we can record traffic activity with accuracy in daylight and the dark.

    The data is processed to provide registration plate information, as well as date and time details to the second (hh/mm/ss). This data is provided in an easy to read format which we can tailor to meet each individual client’s needs.

    ANPR can be used for:

    • Origin and Destination surveys
    • Motorway and roundabout surveys
    • Journey time surveys
    • Delay time surveys
    • Car Park Monitoring
    • HGV surveys
    • Regeneration schemes
    • Duration surveys
    • Car Park reviews
    • Emission analysis

    We will soon be launching our traffic survey database platform where you as our client will be able to access all of your survey data. This will also provide optional extras such as analytics, Take a look at the example clip below: