Smart Transport Hub is proud to present ground-breaking traffic and transport monitoring in the form of our new ‘Smart Lenz’ product. Smart Lenz gives authorities the power to monitor the real-time impact of traffic schemes across a wide range of modes and metrics.

It gives authorities the information they need to make data-driven decisions which supports the effectiveness of a transport project. Accurate monitoring is paramount during the lifecycle of any project. The Smart Lenz portal provides all the features to support this and ensures each authority feels confident in the way they use their data. It supports long term accurate and continuous data monitoring identifying both benefits and impacts.


Providing solutions for Local Authorities and the Transport Sector

The Smart Lenz VECC analytics sensor and data portal is the perfect tool to quickly gather insight about traffic and environmental datasets to enable for better planning, management and monitoring of enforcement, road safety and transportation schemes.

Download the Smart Lenz technical data sheet


Smart Lenz is…..

…the only data portal for collecting and managing both live and historical transportation data. From traffic surveys through to live ANPR and air quality data.

Smart Lenz uses APIs to extract data from various sensors that already exists and convert this into meaningful information for the stakeholders in real time. It is fully customisable according to client requirements.


Using Smart Lenz…..

…you will be able to effectively collect, manage and analyse your historic traffic data, request new surveys and gain access to a live data network to gather real time information about the traffic network and air pollution levels.

Survey Database

View, manage and analyse historic data
  • Graphic map showing all the surveys uploaded in Smart Lenz by project and survey typology.
  • Automatic creation of reports and graphic outputs.
  • Automatic comparison of different dataset.
  • Interactive dashboard for in-depth analysis of data.

Request Survey

Plan and purchase new surveys
  • Easy way to commission surveys through our survey company.
  • Allows for easy control and management of your survey works.
  • Update on the status of your requests.

Live Data Network

Real time information and insights
  • Uses exiting infrastructure to collect data from the network.
  • Allows for real time investigations and assessments.
  • Automatic recognition of road users (including pedestrians and cyclists).
  • Constant air quality monitoring.

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