Road Safety

Smart Transport have the ability to deliver some exciting and innovative road safety schemes. With several road safety auditors available, we are able to undertake stage 1-4 Road Safety Audits which include a detailed collision reduction analysis.

Smart Transport hub offer the following Road Safety Services:

  • Collision Analysis and Casualty Reduction Schemes
  • Pedestrian Crossing Assessments
  • Road Safety Audits
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    Smart Transport carry out collision analysis to identify risks within the road network. We can use software such as key accidents to look at local safety schemes and carry out projects such as:

    • Junction Assessments
    • Road Layout investigations
    • Speed limit reductions

    Smart Transport have the ability to carry out detailed assessments of proposed crossing locations to establish if they are suitable, as well as review existing crossings to determine their safety and suitability.

    We ensure our assessments are carried out by fully qualified Road Safety Auditors and follow similar guidelines to road safety audits and involve a bespoke matrix system that assesses the safety, suitability and effectiveness of each crossing.

    Smart Transport can undertake stage 1-4 Road Safety Audits. Our Auditors can audit sites ranging from simple zebra crossings, to multi-million-pound highway schemes and largescale housing developments. All of our Road Safety Auditors are fully qualified to meet the Highways England requirements set out in the DMRB HD 19/03.