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The channel tunnel and Port of Dover account for 90% of freight traffic between the UK and Europe. Severe weather, industrial action and derailments in the tunnel can often disrupt the flow of traffic, and with approximately 10,000 lorries coming into the Kent port from Calais every day, this can cause long delays and a backlog of lorries waiting to pass through the border.

More recently, the UK inland border has been faced with new challenges, which have caused severe delays for those crossing the UK border. During the Covid pandemic, lorry drivers were obligated to provide a negative test result before crossing the Kent border, creating longer lead times and waiting periods. In addition to the Covid pandemic, January 2021 saw the UK leave the EU, resulting in large amounts of new paperwork, rules, and safety checks to administer.

Tackling freight-related issues is of high importance to Kent’s local people and to the lorry drivers entering and leaving the UK. Local councils and national governments are tasked with improving border control processes, funding projects which aim to ease congestion, reduce lead times and improve safety.

Since Brexit, Kent County Council (KCC) have built an additional lorry park to cope with the increasing lead times and complications caused by Brexit and other issues. In order to avoid long delays in the new lorry park in Sevington, KCC sought to find a company that could help improve their overall visibility of lorries entering and leaving the new park, so they are able to accurately and consistently monitor when the park is reaching its full capacity.


KCC turned to Smart Transport Hub, a company known for its smart AI technology and innovative data platform, to help improve the visibility and productivity of its new site. Two Smart Lenz cameras and sensors were installed at both the entrance and the exit of the new lorry park, which ensure 24/7 real-time monitoring.

Earl Bourner, the EU Exit Highways Vice Lead at KCC talks about the project, “We have teamed up with Smart Transport Hub using their Smart Lenz sensors and data platform. The live data provided ensures we are able to effectively monitor the live traffic of HGVs entering and exiting the Inland Border Facility at Sevington Ashford. These checks are to ensure HGV Boarder readiness, before heading to either The Port of Dover or Euro Tunnel.”


The new lorry park can hold a maximum of 1,700 lorries. The fully customisable Smart Lenz technology platform is programmed to send alerts to the client at key points, 1200 lorries and again at 1500 lorries. KCC are then able to inform Highways England when the lorry park is nearing capacity, so they are able to prepare for diversion tactics ahead of time, reducing congestion and long waiting times for drivers.

The Smart Lenz technology has proven to have:

Reduced employee costs
Increased productivity
Improved visibility & monitoring of lorries
Guaranteed accuracy of data
Fully customised alerts given at key points
Improved haulier satisfaction
Better data for future planning
Reduced lead times and traffic congestion

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